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Customer Testimonials

I have found all dealings with David at Making Websites Work to be conducted in a professional and business like manner. He has always followed up my requests in a timely manner...

I find that David can liaise directly with my web hosting supplier on my behalf and help them understand what is needed to achieve our aims. His knowledge of using key words and specific web layout is essential stuff that is needed when trying to optimise ones web presence.

I would recommend his services to any potential company who uses the web unreservedly....

Mike Watson
Stewarts Avanti Plus Nelson, Nelson

David from Making Websites Work has optimised the website to give better performance in Google. 

My existing website was analysed and plan of action drawn up after our initial meeting.  I was taken through the process step by step using straightforward language that was easy for a non-technical computer user to understand. Communication was always timely and effective – David took the time to listen to what I had to say and answered any questions I had regarding the Glen James jewellery website.

The results of the optimisation are now being monitored and this useful information is being communicated back to me.

The results so far are very promising – 6 of the targeted searches are now in the no. 1 position.  I now have a plan that I can use to continue to improve my website’s performance in Google.

Glen James
Glen James Jewellers, Nelson

David was fabulous. He listened, explained it to me in terms I understood and was creative and thoughtful in what he achieved for us.  He optimised every word and idea.

Sue Hemelryk
Nelson Tailors Menswear, Nelson

The website gives information about Autism and other intellectual disabilities.  The website was created in 2006 and did not show up well in Google.

After David at Making Websites Work optimised the website content it now appears prominently on page 1 of Google for many relevant searches. In addition, I can now add and update information on my website.  Full, clear instructions and training were provided to allow me to do this.

Tim Powell
Ahorangi Consultants and Services, NZ wide

Making Websites Work has been invaluable in identifying areas of need and improvement on our website, assessing problems and offering solutions.

David’s input has emphasised our need to stop and focus on how we are presenting ourselves on the web, provided great ways to enhance our presence and has provided a fresh approach to moving forward.

A much needed investment.

Andrea Livingston
Wildside Travel, Motueka

Not long after I had met David, I asked him to optimise my photography website as it was twelve months old and was not appearing in the Google search results.

David promptly went to work and not only optimised my website but also suggested a name and appearance change. Within two weeks my site was fully optimised and appearing on page 1 of the Google search results for “Nelson Wedding Photography”. Since then David has implemented a number of other changes to my site which has certainly increased customer responses.

I have found David incredibly professional, he has offered me a service that I have not experienced while dealing with other web designers.

During our meetings David has a written agenda, followed with a copy of the minutes from our meeting. This is a great help to me as I find all of this computer talk at times very confusing!

Quite frankly, if you want to increase your website traffic and deal with someone who KNOWS what he is talking about then David at Making Websites Work is the man to talk to.

Daron Graham
Nelson Wedding Photography, Nelson

Our website works !

Thanks to Making Websites Work there has been a huge difference in the effectiveness of our website both in our book printing services and our online bookshop.

The optimisation has lifted our profile on the Web, as one client said “you must be the experts because your name comes up everywhere!”.

Dave MacManus
The Copy Press, Stoke

I found David to be extremely thorough, professional and helpful.  His detailed review of my website has led me to make many positive changes.

If you want someone to listen to your thoughts and give you honest professional
advice, then David is your man.

Susan Miller
PureNZDesign, Nelson

Making Websites Work provide us with outstanding service and support in a highly professional manner - definitely ticks all the boxes!

Maxine Cook
Great Event!, Mapua