Customer Testimonials

Crimson Consulting has been invaluable in identifying areas of need and improvement on our website, assessing problems and offering solutions.

David’s input has emphasised our need to stop and focus on how we are presenting ourselves on the web, provided great ways to enhance our presence and has provided a fresh approach to moving forward.

A much needed investment.

Andrea Livingston
Wildside Travel, Motueka

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The benefits of online marketing optimisation

Making Websites Work can transform your website into an asset that will attract new visitors and persuade them to become paying customers.

This process we call online marketing optimisation.

Many business websites have been designed without the benefit of online marketing optimisation. This means that while they look OK on the surface they do not attract as many interested visitors as they could nor do they persuade them to take the action that you want them to.

Benefits you can expect with online marketing optimisation

Better understanding of how your website markets your business

... of how your website "works". (This is not how it technically works but how it works in getting you more customers.)

More control of your marketing

... understanding how your website "works" gives you more control. After all, your website represents YOUR business so you should be in control.

Get answers to your questions using an analytics program you get answers to questions such as where do your visitors come from, how long do they stay, how they move from page to page and which pages they leave from. All this information is vital to understanding how your website performs and how it can be improved.

A clear selling message (your USP)

...your website clearly communicates your unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is a basic principle of marketing and represents what makes you different (and more attractive) than your competition.

Improved Google rankings

... By creating a logical website structure and making each webpage clearly communicate it's message you naturally rise in the unpaid search engine rankings. This brings you more interested website visitors at no extra cost.

More visitors becoming paying customers

... this is generally known as a conversion. More conversions happen when you attract the right sort of visitor in the first instance, provide information to persuade them to take the action you want and finally make the process of conversion as pain-free as possible.

Reduced overall marketing spend on the internet is recognised as being one of the cheapest methods of marketing. Response rates are generally better than direct paper mail and the results are measurable. Becoming successful at online marketing will reduce your dependence on other more expensive methods.

A better relationship with your web design company

... because you have improved understanding of the online marketing process you can be clearer about what you want to see on your website. As your requirements are clearer the task of creating the website structure and pages is simplified.